Grös / Grasses, 2016

Listasafn Reykjavíkur/ Raykjavík Art Museum 2016
Rósa bases her work of Crocheted  and coloured flowers and leaves on plants found in Icelandic nature,more than twenty different species of medical plants which have been used to heal people for centuries. The artist has specialized in artwork which is more often than not based on traditional crafts and requires a lot of time and patience. Thus she knows from her own experience the positive effects of relatively simple yet creative work, it is a well known fact that many problems have been solved while doing crafts. In her artwork Grasses, she combines the healthiness of the two, crafts and vegetation. A group of craftswomen collaborated with Rósa on the project, crocheting the tiny leaves, stalks and petals.
Herbal remedies spring from the common consciousness of the people, handed down from one generation to the next. Each herb has qualities which are considered positive, internally or externally. The craftswomen who worked on the piece togethershared stories old and new, which Rósa Sigrún collected. It transpired that not nly can the herbs be used as remedies against ancient maladies, but many Icelandic herbs are also considered to have previously unknown qualities which makes them ideal for innovation in the parmaceutical industry. ( text: Markús Þór Andrésson, curator )

The participants along, along with Rósa Sigrún, were: Ásdís Birgisdóttir, Áslaug Anna Jónsdóttir, Ásthildur Jónsdóttir, Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir, Erla Sigtryggsdóttir, Halldóra Jónsdóttir, Heiðrún Kristjánsdóttir, Helga Hilmarsdóttir, Helga Pálína Brynjólfsdóttir, Hjördís Hannesdóttir, Hrafnhildur Sigurgeirsdóttir, Kristín Svavarsdóttir, Lene Zachariassen, Margrét Ólöf Ívarsdóttir, Sigríður Haraldsdóttir, Sigrún Helgadóttir, Sophie Schoonjans and Steinunn M. Steinars.

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